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Maintaining your driveway in the good condition and keeping it stain free may look very hard. Oil spills, antifreeze, weeds, rust stains are just a few samples of stains that can damage your driveway. Driveway cleaning on a periodic basis therefore becomes very crucial and important.

You may have had to cope with antifreeze spills out of your car. The best way to remove antifreeze and get rid of the stains that are left behind is by cleaning the driveway the moment you spot an antifreeze spill. There are various household cleaners that could be used for driveway cleaning.

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If your driveway consists of asphalt, then cleaning almost any stain could be a little tricky. Asphalt gets damaged quickly and requires extreme precaution and care. Using strong chemicals as well as household detergents for driveway cleaning can simply weaken asphalt. It is therefore advisable to help you mild household detergent to clean the surface.

Firstly, mix half a cup of mild detergent in a very bucket of warm water. Two-thirds of water would be sufficient. To this mixture, add no less than two servings of white vinegar. Remember to wear gloves to protect your hand from antifreeze.

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Apply a thick coating from the above mixture on the affected area. Allow the mixture to keep on for ten minutes. The vinegar acts like a bleaching agent and removes away the stains as the detergent will assist to loosen out the antifreeze from the surface making it easier for you to remove. Now scrub the stain having a hard brush and rinse it off with sufficient quantities of water. Failing to wash the vinegar off completely might make the area lighter in color in comparison to the rest of the driveway.

It a very good idea to use litter when pressure cleaning your driveway as it is made up of other materials like concrete, gravel, etc. Sprinkle liberal levels of litter about the area where antifreeze spill has occurred. Allow it to take up the antifreeze thoroughly. For small quantities it might hardly take 30 minutes but if the region that must be covered is large, it is better to leave cat litter overnight. The following morning, sweep it off using a broom or hard brush and dispose off of the litter in plastic bags. Then sprinkle detergent on the top and scrub it off having a hard brush. Rinse your entire driveway with plenty of amounts of water. Repeat the process should you still find antifreeze stains.

If the stains prove very challenging to remove, in that case your last resort ought to be muriatic acid that is known to remove just about any sort of stain off of the driveway. Pressure cleaning your driveway will yield better results when compared to cleaning using a garden hose. The efficiency of removing any kind of stain; the minimum length of time that is required when compared to other types of cleaning methods along with the minimum quantity of chemicals required make pressure washing a superior type of cleaning technique in comparison with other cleaning methods

Driveway pressure cleaning has to be done as soon as you see the stains in your driveway. This will make your cleaning job simpler.